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Those are the chances we take 4/?

Title: "Those are the Chances we Take" 4/?
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae (Eunhae) Because I'm really original.
Rating: PG-13 in this chapter
Summary: Detectives get caught up in weird and dangerous situations and meet with even more dangerous people on their way. That's the life of the private detective. Lee Donghae is not the exception. AU
Warnings: Guns, lame attempts of smart dialogue, violence, detectives, suits, threats, bad language, chemical substances, disturbing people all over the place.
A/N: I'm really sorry how long it took, real life can be a real problem for inspiration. I hope you enjoy this chapter <3

His Beretta was his best friend since he bought it to one of his first contacts in the underwold, it was always close to him, even at his most relaxed moments, the weight of his gun was comforting and gave him the sort of security that nothing else could.

Probably because he could blow the brain of everyone who tried to mess with him, but also because it was his first gun, the first reward of a well done work, the material evidence of the world in which he decided to live in, the proof that he was Lee Donghae, private detective.

That’s why when he saw Eunhyuk playing with his gun; he had a hard time to not kill the guy right there.

“Oh you’re here!” Said the bastard (as Donghae liked to think of him) with a disturbingly sweet smile directed at him “I was ordered to give you back the Beretta, but since you’re… well, you, I decided to interpret the order as giving you back the gun, but not the bullets” a cup shattered in tiny pieces after Eunhyuk shot it with his same sweet smile, he then turned to Donghae and gave him back the gun.

Donghae of course pointed the gun at his tormentor’s face.

“No bullets, remember?” Said Eunhyuk calmly “be good and I’ll reward you with bullets to spare, I’ll even give you another gun, do you happen to like rocket launchers?”

Donghae could only gap like a fish while lowering his gun making Eunhyuk laugh
“I’m joking, the boss would never let me give an outsider a rocket launcher; I’m not even allowed to use them at most times” the detective didn’t have a doubt as to why Eunhyuk wasn’t allowed to play with mass killer guns.

“Why aren’t you guys making me investigate the case?” said Donghae after deciding that it would be best for his sanity to ignore his (forced on him) sidekick.

“I was about to go to you, actually, I have some files that would be useful for you, the boss is approaching this carefully, his son is in danger, you know, we had to look up every small detail about you before we could give you our trust.”

Donghae frowned “didn’t you do that already?”

“We just investigated your life, those aren’t relevant for the trusting you part of the business, there are other things more relevant than the name of the little sister of your best friend. I trust you, of course, or that last bullet would be in your brain already, so you’re safe now.”

“You say that a lot.”

“And I mean it all the time.”


Henry Lau had four years, he didn’t look at all like his father, he had a sweet expression and chubby cheeks, he smiled at almost every picture that was taken of him, he looked like a regular kid and Donghae found himself liking him immediately.

“What can you tell me about him?” Donghae asked Eunhyuk, who decided to relax in the other’s bed while he checked the files given to him.

“About the little boss? He’s a fine kid” The detective found himself on the other side of a really honest smile that made him dizzy (he didn’t dare to wonder why) “He’s really into music, the little genius, he’s also a mini earthquake, when the boss is out he always makes a mess that of course gets blames on me because Yesung is making his own mess in the lab.”

“Wait, the boss lets you take care of his child?”

“I’m the best at taking care of the boy” said Eunhyuk ignoring or not noticing the not very skillfully cloaked insult.

“Oh, really?”

“I wasn’t with them when they took him, you know.” Added Eunhyuk with a sudden hard look on his face “I found them dead and the little boss was gone, I think that if I was there those assholes would be in the morgue and not the boss’ guys.”

Donghae rose an eyebrow “wait, you can’t believe that you could’ve stopped what four men couldn’t.” Eunhyuk only smiled.

“I don’t believe it, Donghae; I know it. I told you, I’m the best at taking care of the boy, nothing can hurt him when I’m around.”

Donghae gulped suddenly really intimidated by the guy sitting on his bed, Eunhyuk was dangerous, and the young detective wasn’t sure if he was safe even as someone who apparently earned the trust and some sort of wicked respect from the other.

And suddenly Eunhyuk was looking over his shoulder at the documents and files Donghae scattered around the desk with a curious expression that reminded the detective of a little kid and not of a guy that could surely kill a bunch of people without changing expression.

“So you can, like, guess stuff from looking at these papers and pictures?”

“Well, I wouldn’t call it ‘guess’, it’s more like, linking bits of information until you have a lead, like a puzzle, you know?” Eunhyuk nodded in silence looking from side to side of the table at the different files, pictures and letters scattered.

“And you think you can find little Henry with all of this?” Donghae frowned a little.

“I’m not very sure, I mean, I haven’t checked everything yet and I already have at least five different organizations that would want to hurt Boss Lau, three that would want to extort him, and fifteen non attached people that simply want revenge. It won’t be easy; there are too many enemies that would make a profit from taking the little kid.”

Eunhyuk went back to Donghae’s bed and kept silent for a few minutes, the detective, thinking that he could go back to work started reading again the documents.

“They’re not going to hurt him, right? The boss said they wouldn’t hurt him.” Donghae took a curious look at Eunhyuk who was chewing his lip nervously, his voice sounded tiny and worried and the young detective wanted to find the way to stop him from making that face. It was too human for Eunhyuk and disturbed the balanced distrust Donghae managed to build towards the other.

“You really care for him don’t you?” said the detective trying to change the subject a little before he managed to do something stupid and make promises he still couldn’t be sure he could honor.

Eunhyuk looked at Donghae for a few seconds, expression blank.



“He’s a liar, you know?”

Yesung’s head was barely visible behind all the vials, glasses and containers he had piled on his room/laboratory, he assured Donghae earlier that he didn’t actually sleep in there.

Donghae believed he didn’t sleep, period.

The young detective was invited to visit Yesung at lunch, when said man appeared suddenly behind Donghae almost killing him from a heart attack. He said they could discuss the case a little. Donghae only hoped that there weren’t any sedatives included in the conversation.

“A liar?”

“He told you that he doesn’t care about Henry. He’s lying.”

Donghae nodded “I already thought that, I mean, he looked really…worried about the kid’s safety, and when he talked about him he looked kind of…”

“Human?” the detective gulped, he didn’t want to put it that crudely, but it was pretty much what he thought, Eunhyuk looked like everything was amusing for him, even blood and pain, as if everything was a game, as if nothing had consequences. That was what made Donghae hate him (and the small detail of the shooting him in the leg thing, of course). “I know what you’re thinking, most of us thought that about Eunhyuk when we first met him, he’s not… very normal”

Donghae snorted, Yesung wasn’t exactly his definition of normal either; especially not when he was looking at some of his concoctions with an expression very close to fatherly adoration.

“So, you’ve known Eunhyuk from awhile?”



“No. I’ve been working in here for like a year.”

“And the kid?”

“Little Henry? I didn’t see him much, he wasn’t allowed in the lab and Eunhyuk labeled me as highly poisonous
and flammable, so I just talked to him at random times. But I liked him, everyone liked him.”


Yesung smiled sadly at Donghae.

“He was the only thing that we couldn’t link to death and pain around here.”

“Would you think that this could be an inside job?” Yesung stopped mixing some gross looking liquid in a vial with another gross looking liquid in another vial to look straight at Donghae.

Creepy eyes

“I don’t know, there are many people around the boss, some of them are scum, some of them are bastards; most of them are power thirsty psychos. If taking little Henry made them believe that they could take boss Lau power; then I guess they would. But I think that would be a weird way to take down the boss.”

“Why is it weird?”

“Because when you want power you just shoot the guy in charge in the head, you don’t negotiate.” Said Yesung with a bored tone focusing again on his job. “So you can take out of your list the power chasers, they aren’t the ones doing this.”

Donghae wanted to ask more, but he soon noticed that Yesung was already done even if the detective wasn’t, and he suddenly became an invisible presence in the lab.

It was weird and he had no knowledge of what was happening in the lab, and if it was deadly, so he left quickly, not even saying goodbye, the guy wouldn’t even notice anyway.

He didn’t know what else to do while locked in the hotel with limited resources. Eunhyuk appeared just when Donghae decided to lock himself in his room to keep on checking the files.

“Wanna go out?” was the only thing Eunhyuk said while handing him a box of bullets and pushing him towards his room “I’ll wait for you downstairs.”

Donghae couldn’t even look at the other’s face while he was manhandled towards his room, he also was too shocked to remember wanting to kill Eunhyuk.

He just loaded his gun, took his hat and coat and went to meet his odd companion.

Tags: au, donghae, eunhae, eunhyuk, multichapter, super junior

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