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A drastic change [6/?]

Title: A drastic change [6/?]
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae (Eunhae) maybe more in future chapters.
Rating: PG-13 in this chapter
Summary: There is a mystery surrounding a monster that's turning people into werewolves and murdering them after their first shift, Eunhyuk is asked to investigate the issue with the help of the only victim that could be saved and brought into a pack. Too bad that Eunhyuk hates packs and Donghae has very bad instincts. AU of course
Warnings: Some violence, werewolves, bad words, cat girls, vampires and magic.

A/N: This chapter was really hard to write, the first draft was done a few weeks ago but I couldn't like it so I rewrote it a lot of times, I rather like this final product, so I hope you do too. I'm sorry its taking me too long to update, I finally know where I'm going with this story so I believe it will be updated more often from now, well except for the next two weeks in which I'll be traveling D: I'm sorry guys, please enjoy this while I come back <3


Vampires were disgusting creatures.

He found unfair how much of a change they’ve seen thanks to pop culture, because really; those were some ugly fuckers.

Hyoyeon sent him the address of the oldest vampire in the city on the next night with some of her girls (the lazy cat wouldn’t even go herself, of course), this one was really tiny and her features were more feline than the rest of the girls, he thought her name was “Sunny” or something like that. She remained completely unfazed over the blatant animosity coming from pretty much all the pack while she handed Hyukjae an envelope and a small package with some useful tools.

“The boss says to be careful” she said with a sweet voice devoid of pretty much every feeling besides the disturbing sweetness.

“Yeah, yeah, tell her to worry more about herself. Now go away before you get eviscerated.” Sunny winked at him and before Hyukjae could even say anything else a Linx was running quickly towards the city.
The place got immediately calmer and he sighed while going to his (and Donghae’s, since the guy wouldn’t leave) room.

“Everyone was angry because of the girl” A quiet voice coming from inside a mountain of covers informed him “I could smell it.”

“Yeah, Hyoyeon likes to play those games; I was sure she would pull something like this.” Hyukjae sat on the edge of the bed “Hey…”

A pair of big brown eyes looked directly at him “When are you leaving?”

“In a couple of hours.”

“When are you coming back?”

“I’m not sure.”

The pair brown eyes looked angrily at him for a few moments before getting covered with covers again “OK, have a good trip, then” was the only reply Hyukjae got.

“I told you I was leaving in a few hours, Donghae, not right now.”

No answer.

“Are you going to stay in there until I go? Really?”

No answer.

“Why are you so angry? You have no reason to be angry.”

Still no answer.

“…No matter what you do I’m not taking you.”

A head with disheveled hair appeared to look at him with an angry pout “But why?!”

“It’s dangerous, you have no control over yourself yet, it’ll be stupid to get you killed when I’m trying to protect you, also, I work alone” listed Hyukjae calmly. He knew he was being a little harsh with Donghae, but that was apparently the only way the thick headed Donghae could understand.

It was also important for Donghae to be left alone with the rest of the pack and without Hyukjae to rely on.

“I’ll be back soon, I promise” said Hyukjae gently, while Donghae looked at him like a kicked puppy “you like the people in here, don’t you?” Donghae nodded with a slight pout that Hyukjae definitely didn’t want to bite

“Then you’ll be fine, the guys like you a lot, and they’ll take care of you while I’m gone.”

Donghae was silent for a few seconds before sighing sadly “Promise you won’t die?”

Hyukjae chuckled and patted Donghae’s head like he was a small kid or a dog “I’ll come back to let you keep up with your mocking of my choices of underwear.”



Donghae fell asleep after a couple of hours of talking with Hyukjae, he was still adapting and his body still demanded a lot of rest.

Hyukjae left without waking the other up.

Hangeng was waiting for him on the staircase.

“I’ll walk you to the car.” Hyukjae shrugged and let the beta walk next to him; they spent the few moments that took them to leave the house in silence not wanting to wake up the others (though Hyukjae suspected that the alpha was wide awake in his room waiting for a report from Hangeng).

“You know,” said the younger breaking the silence “the way Donghae and you are behaving is making me think that you believe I’m not coming back.” He gave Hangeng an amused look “I’ve done stuff like this before, you know.”

“Oh I’m not worried about that.” Said Hangeng in an almost bored tone “I’m just fulfilling my duties as the beta wolf In the pack to allow Jungsu to sleep at night, you would think he gave birth to all of you for the way he worries.” Hyukjae couldn’t help but laugh; on his few weeks as a member of the pack he noticed how Jungsu liked to behave like a big mother hen even if he left the actual mother job (cooking, cleaning, being responsible and caring for everyone…) to little Ryeowook.

“I see… so no dramatic goodbyes, or last time advices or anything like that?”

“Oh I have one; I’ve been wanting to tell you but with the puppy around it’s been kind of hard to bring out a certain issue.”


“The mating issue.”

“Oh, I’m so not having this talk with you.”

“We’re not having any talk Hyukjae, believe me, I don’t want to know anything -and I mean it- about your sexual life, but you’re taking this nice guy thing too far.”

“He shifted less than a week ago, hyung. He has been thrown into this mess, and I know he’s scared even if he doesn’t want to admit it. I can’t tell him right now, I need him to trust me.”

“He’s your mate, Hyukjae, trust between you guys is almost in your blood.”

“But he doesn’t know that!” the younger sighed “he still doesn’t recognize me as his mate, he trusts me, but doesn’t understand why exactly he does it, I can see it in his face, he doesn’t need to be more confused, he’s going through a lot of crap right now.” Hangeng looked at him wide eyed for a few seconds “What?”

“You’re in love.”

“What?! No!”

“Oh you’re in love with the puppy, Hyukjae, you can’t hide anything from your hyung, you know.”

“…I hope you die a slow death, hyung”

“No you don’t.” said the older with a superior smile “Look, I respect your feelings; oh don’t growl at me, you immature animal, anyway, you better have a solution for this when you come back, you’re getting restless and anxious, and that can only mess with the job.” Hangeng looked at Hyukjae and sighed loudly “Be careful.”

Hyukjae only nodded before leaving.


The address Hyoyeon sent, led him to an old antique store that was located in one of the quietest neighborhoods in the city. The store, according to the information the bar owner got, had been in there for almost 200 years. Allegedly a family business actually was a unique owner business, with enough power to deceive people into believing that there were different owners as years passed.

Old vampires got those powers, as a reward for being disgusting creatures for so long and not killing themselves.

This one was actually really old, and really powerful; so, as Hyukjae’s logic dictated, he should be also really ugly.

When Hyukjae entered the store after making sure he wouldn’t be at (too much) disadvantage, the vampire was already waiting for him.

“So you’re the little wolf that likes to stick his nose in places he shouldn’t…” Said a soothing voice that felt like it came from inside his own head. “I heard you needed my assistance.”

The vampire was nowhere to be seen, but Hyukjae could smell him near, lurking in the shadows, studying him with medical and culinary interest, measuring if an attack would be wise and where could he strike in the most effective manner.

He honestly despised vampires and their never ending hunger.

“I need information about a werewolf, an old one.”

“How old?”


“Not possible, werewolves aren’t immortal.” There was a tone of doubt in the vampire’s voice. A lie

“Tell me what you know, Vampire, there’s an old werewolf killing boys out there, and endangering everything the creatures in here managed to build and hide.” He heard a low chuckle that made everything in his body shiver in disgust.

“And what makes you believe I care? It’s not the first or the last time that creatures are endangered. Also “added the vampire very close to Hyukjae’s ear” this issue has a very easy solution, and you know it.”


Yes, give him the boy, Lee Hyukjae, I’m sure you know that’ll fix everything and maybe he won’t hurt you for keeping him, not too much, anyways, and your cute little pack will be safe.”


He heard a chuckle this time coming from a corner at his left. A slim shadow coming from the opposite side moved and from there appeared a little man with barely any hair, translucent skin that showed the veins crossing his head and whatever skin wasn’t covered by a black long coat and white gloves, his eyes were dead and had almost no color, just a sickish white that clouded even the pupil.

“I’ve known you for years, boy.” Was the first thing that came from the old man, the voice was musical and sweet, and more concrete than the disembodied sound that tried to pierce Hyukjae’s mind before. “I kind of like you, you work hard and are smart enough to not make stupid sacrifices.”

A heavy silence covered the place while the vampire only stood there examining Hyukjae while the last couldn’t think on what to say.

“I think that bag is for me, boy.” The vampire’s voice now came from behind him and he saw the old man looking at some old folders and books scattered on the floor next to an old chest.

“You will help, then?”


The vampire did help, in exchange of the contents of the bag and the promise that Hyukjae would fill two bottles (which were actually part of the things Hyoyeon sent) with his blood.

Hyukjae wanted to murder Hyoyeon with an axe and send the vampire to a trip to the Sahara after he was finished and too weak to even drive back home.

Not that the information wasn’t useful, but he liked to be informed of the details of deals especially if his own integrity was going to be compromised.

After leaving the place before the vampire decided to change his mind and suck him dry, Hyukjae opted to stop in a close restaurant and stuff himself in meat to recover strength and sort his thoughts about what he found out.

The clue to kill that thing.

Hyukjae chewed on his steak slowly while trying to make sense about all the things the vampire told him, and all the things he read from the books (and what was left to read, because he had four or five gigantic tomes waiting for him in his car).

Apparently anything that lasted that long as that werewolf was a product of some complex magic, normally curses, like vampires and some minor demons, the curses ended up destroying the body or making it dependant of some sort of source of power, the soul usually became tainted over time and only other types of strong magic could help the rotting of the essence of the creature.

Vampires had that pretty much covered, since the drinking of blood worked as some sort of renewal for them, and demons were assholes from beginning to end, so the rotting soul logic didn’t work for them.

“Some strong power had to be summoned to make that werewolf practically immortal.” Said the vampire to Hyukjae earlier while in the store “werewolves weren't made to live forever, their curse was one of shorter suffering in its origins, they were too vicious, too wild to allow them to live forever; you need to find the magic behind his immortality.”

The logic was simple; whatever magic the thing did on itself (Hyukjae didn’t like to think about that monster as a “he”) could be broken because every spell had its counter spell hidden somewhere.

“Even the vampire curse could have been broken if someone tried to, but since it works now as a virus it’s like a rewriting of a spell to allow it to work in every individual being, so it’s almost impossible to break because it’s a mutated curse. With this one, though, I think you can have a chance, find the spell, and you’ll find how to destroy him."

The spell, as the vampire explained, had to fit very specific criteria to work on a creature such as a werewolf, the vampire was almost sure that the spell was made after the thing was turned because the logics of immortality and shape shifting were too delicate and had to have a specific order.

Hyukjae didn’t give a shit, but he politely heard the whole explanation.

Finally, the vampire handed Hyukjae four or five books assuring him that the spell was in one of those.

“You must understand that even if the spell is in there, it doesn’t mean that the counter spell is too, or that it even exists, it’s very likely that you’ll have to make your own.”

Yeah, because spells were so easy to make…

Hyukjae sighed deciding that it was a good idea to go back to the pack soon; he was tired and needed to talk to Hangeng and Jungsoo about his discoveries.

They didn’t have much time, he could feel it.
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  • Feeling the wind

    Title: Feeling the wind Rating: PG to PG-13 it's kind of harmless I guess. Pairing: Blohyuk Warnings: AU! a bit of flangst, experimental…

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