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Forget me not [2/?]

Title: Forget me not (except you did)
Rating: let's say PG-13
Pairing(s): HaeWook, as in Donghae/Ryeowook, others implied.
Summary: Donghae's been missing from a whole month, he doesn't remember anything, not even his dreams. He knows something's missing but everything keeps slipping off his minds. Don't worry, he has help, and together they'll uncover the secret behind this puzzle, or you know, end up in the stomach of a dragon. kind of fairy tale AU.
Warnings: AU!, un-betaed nonsense, violence, non-humans everywhere but you already know that's how i roll, language, my terrible sense of humor, smart(ish) Hyuk, HEECHUL.

A/N: Second chapter! It's such a joy to write this story, I hope you enjoy it :3 Every chapter is of course dedicated to ryeona<3


He wondered if it could be called chasing when neither of them was running. He made sure of that, no one would run, one because he didn’t need to and the other because he couldn’t remember he should run.
Although he never understood that; the danger, the darkness, the blood… not even the smell of bones, rotten flesh and death made him understand.
He thought it was love, maddening, blinding beautiful love.
It was, of course, love, because love exists when it’s suffered and when it’s enjoyed, it’s the more complex and simple feeling in the world, and he felt it, he knew he felt it, and that made it real.
It also finished everything for them.
Creatures don’t need love.
Beasts don’t need love.
He who was nor creature or beast, but neither was he human, didn’t need love, or want it at all.
When love it’s denied it’s cry can be heard for miles and terrible things happen; they say that a fairy dies when people lie about not loving, they say a baby loses their mother when a heart is broken, they say that demons are born when denial clouds the reason of the heart.
It was an inconvenience, sending the pretty human away, and he was still angry for that, the boy was good company, good looking, pure soul (for a human at least) and amusing enough to distract him when not even a good chase could him peace.
He should have known it wouldn’t last.
Humans were stupid creatures, and his boy had to summon love (such a disgusting thing), and finish it all.
It was hard erasing his memories, and sending him back.
He actually didn’t get over it at all, not even after the first few days and some successful killings filled with pleasure. No, it wasn’t enough, it felt…
He considered his options while licking distractedly his fingers clean of the remains of his last expedition in the human world; a village not too far away from the one his little human lived at; he could kill him- the thought made him smile- he would of course enjoy it, but at the same time something inside of him shivered at the idea of ending the life of the boy, it was unnerving, but he never ignored his instincts; killing was out of the question.
What could he do? He wondered. The distant scream of a woman could be heard while he looked at the moon, wondering, planning…
Disturbed by the way a simple human had taken his thoughts, he decided his best choice was to go away, it was ridiculous noticing that he was stalking a prey he would never kill, the reasons behind his acts were too disturbing to even consider, so he ignored them.
The boy would be safe.
A fairy with the colors of the wind in the season of the cold, dropped dead somewhere, just as he, not human, not creature, not beast, flew away to his house made of shadows.
The sky was grey, the grass was already gone and a layer of white snow started to cover everything, his nose was red and his eyes felt heavy at the mercy of the strong winter wind.
He didn’t know what he was doing but he couldn’t help but spare even a few minutes of his day on the observation of the nothingness that was beyond the village, beyond the forest… beyond anything he remembered.
Because he knew, somehow he knew that there was something he wanted over there. And not remembering was killing him.
His brother was the one who came with the idea of the trip after a few days of deep depression and silence that not even he could understand.
When his brother noticed something was wrong with a person, it was a sign.
Hyukjae was kind of terrible at reading people.
And with “kind of” he meant “completely incapable of reading people even if they were yelling the reason of their distress at him.”
So when Hyukjae asked him over breakfast what was wrong, Donghae decided that he should do something.
Heechul proposed some meditation and potions Donghae wasn’t sure what were made of (he was sure one winked at him).
Hyukjae at the beginning thought that maybe some “brother time” would help, and it actually did (after finally managing to lose Heechul who was fixated on following them), they could talk, and laugh, and Hyukjae could finally admit how much he missed his stupid brother .
But there was still something missing.
Something forgotten.
“I’ve been thinking…”
“Holy shit!”
“Shut up, Heechul, I’ve been thinking that maybe we should try to get your memories back.”
“Well, it’s easy; someone stole your memories of that month you were missing, but they weren’t really careful, you still have the feeling of something that’s missing, probably it was because something really important happened to you on that month, so removing the pieces of memory wasn’t enough. That means that your memories are still attached to you, so we can find them via your reactions; you will feel them when they’re close enough to you.”
Heechul, who was looking at Hyukjae as if he had sprouted horns, again, sat next to Donghae and sighed “so you’re saying we can find Donghae’s memories, which somehow were spread and re-attach them to him” the younger one nodded “where the hell did you learn this weird thing?”
“Well,” Hyukjae frowned and then blushed “there was this guy… he was kind of a magician, you could say, and he showed me how memories, if not erased thoroughly always left an imprint, so the victim could sense their memories if they were close enough…”
Heechul frowned “and tell me, Hyukjae, how well did you know this guy?”
“I think that’s not relevant right now” interrupted Donghae quickly, Hyukjae sent him a grateful smile “do you think I could get them back?” his brother nodded “and as I get them back would I be able to start remembering?”
“I don’t think so…” answered Hyukjae sadly “you’ll have to have the whole package of memories before you even try to attach them back, since the spell is complicated and we couldn’t do that all the times we find a new piece, we could drive you insane, or destroy the memories completely if they’re not powerful enough.”
“Do you know the spell?”
Hyukjae only smiled.
The trip had to wait until the end of winter, the weather was too hostile and the dangers were too many for them to part with only Heechul being skilful enough to wield a sword (and basically every weapon in existence), it was wiser to be patient and part when the road would be clearer.
The time before the trip was spent with Heechul sharpening his knifes and sword, Hyukjae locking himself in his rooms doing... whatever he did in his room, his brother was still a giant mystery for him, and for everyone in the village. Donghae didn’t have much to do, so he spent his days practicing with his bow, his aim was pretty good, and he didn’t want to be the useless one in the trip (he was kind of hoping that Hyukjae would be that), he also had the feeling that it would be useful to be able to hurt things from far away.
Not an encouraging thought, but it gave him some motivation.
Nights were terrible for Donghae, sleep never came easily and when he did it was empty, dreamless and black. Many nights when the moon was already on the middle of her trip around the earth, he would wake up in pain, miserable, empty.
The nothingness was killing him, and he didn’t understand why the distant sound of a crow’s wings flapping filled him with hope for seconds before the nothingness filled his heart and broke him a little more.
He never cried.
He couldn’t remember how to do it.

Tags: au, donghae, eunhyuk, fanfiction, haewook, heechul, multichapter, ryeowook, super junior

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