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Forget me not [3/?]

Title: Forget me not (except you did)
Rating: R in this chapter
Pairing(s): HaeWook, as in Donghae/Ryeowook, others implied.
Summary: Donghae's been missing from a whole month, he doesn't remember anything, not even his dreams. He knows something's missing but everything keeps slipping off his mind. Don't worry, he has help, and together they'll uncover the secret behind this puzzle, or you know, end up in the stomach of a dragon. kind of fairy tale AU.
Warnings: AU!, un-betaed nonsense, violence, non-humans everywhere but you already know that's how i roll, language, interesting uses of blood, my terrible sense of humor. 

A/N: semester is over! so it's time for updates, I hope you enjoy this chapter. As always, dedicated to ryeona <3

The first piece of the puzzle was actually under his bed; it was a small black feather. He had no idea how it got there or how he actually saw it; but there it was and there he found it. How did he know it was a piece of his memories? He couldn’t answer; he just felt it. He found himself thinking, after finding the feather “Ah, this is mine.” And as easy as that he knew it, it wasn’t a mystical experience filled with magic and sparkles, the knowledge simply appeared in his head.
It was rather anticlimactic.
He went to find Hyukjae to show him the feather and to discuss plans for the start of their journey, he knew all of them were getting quite stressed about the trip, Donghae was feeling it the most; it was like every part of his body was uncomfortable and the only way to fix it was running, leaving, doing anything but not at home, they would be parting soon, winter was finally giving his crown to spring so in five moons or less they would finally start their journey.
It was early in the morning and Hyukjae wasn’t anywhere to be found in their small house. As the days passed his older brother decided that cleaning everything that could be cleaned (and some things that couldn’t) was a good way to pass the time. In a few days their house was disturbingly clean, in a few weeks their garden was impossibly clean. By then end of the winter Hyukjae met his match in the shape of Heechul’s legendarily dirty house.
Donghae had no doubt to where he would find Hyukjae, he had to hear him complain (loudly) about how disgusting the house was for weeks, and he hadn’t even gone inside by then.
He took the feather and left his small house and walked towards Heechul’s.
The village was small enough for Donghae to get quickly to the blacksmith’s house, even if they weren’t actual neighbors, he was about to knock the door, when he noticed the yelling.
“You have dust fairies all over your room! How can you sleep in that disgusting place?!” That was definitely his brother. 
“You’re overreacting!” replied Heechul both amused and irritated.
“One of them bit me, Heechul, when the dirt in your house becomes sentient and attacks others, is not overreacting, even burning your house wouldn’t be overreacting.” Donghae could imagine the exasperated look Hyukjae was sending the other at the moment.
“Well, I don’t care; we’re leaving soon aren’t we? So I don’t see what the big deal is.”
 That was Donghae’s cue, asking Hyukjae why keeping stuff clean was important was as a good idea as jumping willingly in the mouth of a dragon was and fighting Heechul was basically even dumber. None of them knew each other long enough to know that and Donghae rather preferred that if they had to die to do it in a much more useful way like fighting a wolf or cooking a meal.
“Brother!” He yelled quickly before Hyukjae noticed the room he was in was full of sharp objects, soon enough his brother was in front of him with a very dusty scowl on his very dusty face.
“I hate your friend, he is disgusting, I don’t understand how you people don’t ever say anything to him”
Donghae smiled at his brother “That’s because you haven’t been living in here long enough to be scared of him, you’ll learn.” Hyukjae raised an eyebrow. “Oh don’t think too much about it, I have more important things to show you.”
Three days after the finding of the feather and two days after the (kind of) successful disinfection of Heechul’s house, they started their trip.
Heechul, being the most experienced traveler of the trio, instructed them on what to take, how to pack and what to wear. Donghae paid close attention, Hyukjae pretended to do the same, they left quickly without looking back.
To be honest there was nothing for any of them at the village.
Heechul hated his job as a blacksmith and took it only to get food on his table, he was more fond of using the swords than of making them, and in that village he found himself making more cooking knives than any real weapon.
Hyukjae’s only reason to be there was his brother, the village was never his home and the idea of traveling again excited him.
Donghae wanted his memories back, wanted whatever else was stolen to him back, wanted to know why and wanted to know who. The feeling of desperation over wanting to know who did that to him was enough to make him want to run away, to walk and walk until he got the answers he wanted, needed to have.
It was kind of weird, some part of Donghae was perfectly aware that they were going in a very dangerous trip for something that he could actually survive without, that was the part of him wondering how could he take his own brother and his best friend (or whatever Heechul was) to such a dangerous trip. That was also the part of him that didn’t shut up.
“What are we doing?” he blurted suddenly making Hyukjae almost trip on his own feet and Heechul look back at him like he was the stupidest creature in existence.
“We are” said Heechul lifting an eyebrow “going towards the forest on foot, because your dear brother is cheap and didn’t let me get us horses.”
Hyukjae frowned still looking at his feet as if trying to figure out how did he manage to trip on them earlier “It was an unnecessary expense” he muttered while moving his right leg back and forth “we’re safer on foot, anyway, and I really dislike the idea of sending horses to their certain death.”
Hyukjae nodded still distracted with his feet “There are-“ he extended his arms “-birds and-“ he made his hands claw-like “beast, big birds and beasts, and they like to eat the horses, it’s not pretty.” He frowned “Am I clumsy?”
“No, you’re disproportionate.” Came the helpful response of Heechul “so it’s safer to go on foot?”
Hyukjae shrugged “as safe as going through a forest full of things that want to kill you can be.”
After ten seconds of silence Heechul nodded as if making up his mind “OK by me, then.” and started walking again.
“What now, Donghae? I told you to pee before we left…”
“No, that’s not it, also, you’re disgusting.” Donghae frowned “I mean, why are you doing this? I mean, they’re my memories, I should...”
“Oh shut up and start walking before I hit you, you stupid boy.”
“But…” Heechul was already walking and ignoring everything that Donghae tried to say, he looked at Hyukjae who was looking the exchange in silence.
“He cares about you, isn’t that enough?” Donghae frowned
“And you?”
“Wow you’re dumb.”
“I’m your brother of course I’m dumb, it’s in the blood”
Hyukjae laughed and elbowed his brother who grinned at him. “Let’s go before Heechul starts throwing us things.”
They walked together.
He woke up covered in blood.
Blood was warm, he needed to be warm for the winter, snow wasn’t good for him, snow loved him so much that she wanted to consume him completely, destroy him with her love. Snow was a terrible lover that he didn’t want to have.
The blood moved around him, caressed his body in a sensual massage that made every part of him shiver.
It was delicious.
He let the fluid move as it wanted all over his naked body, it felt like he was licked and touched all over, the blood worshiped his body, soon his own hands joined in the wandering.
He thought of his last meal and wondered if it was him the one that was caressing his nipples with ghost fingers, or maybe the one that was trying to touch his cock.
He couldn’t know.
He had so many.
He fisted his cock and stroked himself in lazy movements while letting the blood and souls of his lovers and meals service him in any way they thought fit.
Even dead they loved him madly.
He shivered feeling his orgasm near, the smell of blood suddenly got stronger, he licked his lips while he started to pump faster and faster his erection, he came with a low growl while picturing wide brown eyes looking at him.
The blood and the souls moved around him, trying to get something, anything from him, something they could never get but would forever want.
He was angry.
He didn’t look back when the pool of blood started to boil, when the souls trapped in it started screaming in agony, when everything disappeared.
Winter was over and he needed to feed, to kill.
To forget. 

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