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Those are the chances we take 5/?

Title: "Those are the Chances we Take" 5/? 
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Donghae (Eunhae) Because I'm really original. 
Rating: R-ish in this chapter for violence and language.
Summary: Detectives get caught up in weird and dangerous situations and meet with even more dangerous people on their way. That's the life of the private detective. Lee Donghae is not the exception. AU 
Warnings: Guns, lame attempts of smart dialogue, violence, detectives, suits, threats, bad language, chemical substances, disturbing people all over the place, dead people all over the place, mafia. 

First time in this universe? Chapter One   Chapter Two   Chapter Three  Chapter Four

A/N: Last update of the year! yeah I know, nothing to be proud of since I'm horrible at being regular with my updates, I'm sorry this took so long, I hope you enjoy this chapter as much as I enjoyed writing it. Also, happy new year my lovelies I hope 2012 smiles at you. 

The excitement over Eunhyuk leading him towards Lau, the child was short lived for Donghae, there was no leading towards the kid, this wasn’t about the case. Donghae wasn’t even sure why the hell did Eunhyuk took him to…


“What are we doing in a restaurant? No, wait; what are we doing in this restaurant”

In all honesty, Eunhyuk deserved a prize and an ovation for his perfect façade of ignorance. “What do you mean?  I thought we could eat something nice to avoid boring you to death in Heráldique and I really enjoy French cuisine” He smiled sweetly at Donghae “or do you know something I don’t know about this place?”

“First of all, you don’t enjoy French cuisine, you despise change, I noticed all the ramen cups when I walked past your room, you know.” The only emotional response from Eunhyuk was a raised eyebrow “Second of all,” continued Donghae without letting Eunhyuk interrupt him “we’re staying at a French themed hotel, if anything you should take us to eat some pizza unless you had some ulterior motive, that of course you have because Aujourd'hui is full of killers, thieves and I don’t know what else that are property of the Kim Family.”

Eunhyuk smiled “Is there a third?”

Donghae frowned “yes, you could’ve told me, is this a lead?” Eunhyuk just kept quiet while walking towards the bar at the  left corner of the bar making Donghae’s blood boil “I believe, that I have the right to know considering I’m the one trying to solve this.” He said trying very hard not to scream. Eunhyuk ordered a beer and a glass of water, when the orders where served he handed the beer to Donghae and started sipping distractedly at his glass of water while looking around.

Donghae felt himself pale.

It was barely after lunch time, so the place was still pretty much family friendly, but there were still three big guys with guns strategically positioned, there were two costumers having a late meal, and based on their behavior and the reputation of the place, Donghae was pretty sure that they were armed, the bartender looked more like a war veteran and he could see the Glock every time the guy showed his back to them.


“Your French is awful Donghae, maybe you should stay away from it.” He smiled at Donghae “but you’re right, I don’t like French food.”

Donghae couldn’t even blink before everything went to hell.

The first one to fall was the bartender with a clean shot on the forehead courtesy of a still smiling Eunhyuk, the guys having lunch fell lifelessly on their plates soon after, the big bodyguards couldn’t do anything but watch.  Donghae couldn’t do anything but watch.

“Donghae!” Eunhyuk’s voice brought him back to reality, he couldn’t even remember running, flipping a few tables and barricading themselves in front of the doors of the restaurant. He looked at Donghae who was looking at the general direction where one of the thugs was standing before, no one has started shooting just yet “have you every killed someone?” he shook his head, instead of mocking him Eunhyuk just nodded seriously and patted him on the shoulder “Then aim to injure, watch my back”

He jumped one if the chairs and started running on the opposite direction of the place he was previously looking at.

Donghae heard a gun that was clearly no Eunhyuk’s Colt and his brain started to work on autopilot.

It was always like that with Donghae, his survival instincts where a huge part of him, he would do whatever it would take to not die, he would shot and harm, and defend himself at the moment and he would have a panic attack later.

He shot one of the thugs at the shoulder as soon as he saw him trying to sneak on Eunhyuk who was shooting at one who was aiming at Donghae.  Eunhyuk nodded quickly at him before running quickly towards the last one who was still trying to reload his gun after waiting all his ammo trying to get Eunhyuk.

He looked at Eunhyuk and Donghae could almost taste the fear coming from that man “What… what do you want?”

Eunhyuk shrugged “I was ordered to leave a message.” Donghae saw how the man’s shoulders relaxed visibly (low rank, then, no one important from a criminal organization would be so emotional)

“What is it?” said the man.

Eunhyuk smiled clearly amused “Well,” he said “you’re part of the message, of course.”

“I am?” Donghae was amazed at how stupid that man could be, he could  almost feel some pity for the poor guy.

Eunhyuk nodded “Of course you are, my friend, you as everyone in this restaurant, are going to send your boss the message that I’m going to fucking kill you all” The man fell dead before he could even process the information. 


It was very clear how things happened.

Eunhyuk new beforehand that the restaurant would be relatively alone at the exact time they got there, he decided to sit on the bar and not on a table because he had advantage over there, he (or someone of the organization) bribed the cooks and the waiters because they weren’t actually involved on the shady business of the owners, the unrelated staff just went out after serving the last clients because they wouldn’t be needed before the place became a bar at night and the restaurant would close soon.

He shot the bartender first because he was the only real threat, then he (and Donghae by extension) made the barricade next to the door, not because they needed a way to escape but because they were blocking the others from running away. 

The rest of the plan was just plain execution in the literal sense of the word. No one had a chance, even the guy who Donghae wounded was quickly taken care of.

Donghae could see it clearly now, after locking himself in his room and yelling like a madman in his bathroom, after not talking to Eunhyuk who was sending him concerned glances all the way back the hotel, after having a minor panic attack.

It wasn’t because of the killings, he has seen enough dead in his career, it wasn’t because of him shooting someone; he had done it before, he just had been lucky enough to avoid committing murder. It was the certainty of having to deal with people like Eunhyuk; it wasn’t exactly because he could kill seven armed guys without breaking a sweat, it wasn’t because he threw Donghae unknowingly into that situation and it wasn’t because he was smiling almost all the time.

Eunhyuk was probably one of the most dangerous person he had ever meet, he was barely human and killed almost as if it was another of his daily obligations like picking up the newspaper or making coffee, he was focused on his tasks and only on his tasks.

He took Donghae there to show him exactly that, Eunhyuk took him because he wanted to make Donghae understand that he would not play games and that if he fucked up in any way Eunhyuk would kill him without a doubt.  It was a threat beautifully executed and he made part of it.

Because he didn’t want to be killed, because he didn’t want to see Eunhyuk die.

Because at that exact moment he wanted to take Eunhyuk and fuck him under the dead gaze of those mobsters.

It was disgusting.

Usually images of corpses with bullet holes in their foreheads would be enough to make him (or any normal guy, he liked to think) stop having any kind of sexual ideas for a good time. But at that moment, at that exact moment, the blood, the pain, the stench of dead stopped being important because Eunhyuk looked like that and Donghae found himself wanting it so much that it was disturbing, and wrong, and sick.

Eunhyuk just killed six guys in front of him to show him what would happen if he even dared to think on fucking with them, and Donghae only wanted to lick Eunhyuk all over to see how he tasted.

He was in deep lust with the psycho who had complete control over his life.

Donghae sighed, he was a detective, a good one (even if it came as a shock to some people), he could classify ideas and thoughts to ponder about them later at more convenient moments, and this would not be any different. No matter what his cock had to say about it, he wasn’t going to jerk off thinking on the crazy one when he had a job to do.

He had to find Henry.

He hoped it wouldn’t take long to find the kid, he wasn’t sure if his sanity could take it longer.

One week – said Donghae to himself – I’ll find him in one week and then I’m off.

And with that in mind, he started checking the documents again.

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