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Sick day

Title: Sick day.

Rating: PG?

Pairing: HaeWook as in Donghae and Ryeowook, one sided Ryeowook/Cold

Summary Basically what the title says, Ryeowook gets sick, Donghae takes care of him, they're cute in the process.

Warning Er... beware for cavities? Fluff of the worst (best) kind.

Tiny A/N: My hard drive is toasted so I actually don't have a computer for now, I didn't lose my files, but I'm really upset about this, I'm using mom's computer but clearly it's not the same, I hope I can get it fixed soon, I'll try to work on more updates in this computer, I don't really like it, but I'll do my best <3

A/N: I'm really sick and miserable so I wrote a "someone is sick and someone else takes care of them" story to make myself feel better ryeona provided the pairing because I like writing fics for her and most of the things I do are her fault.

Ryeowook woke up with the certainty that he was going to die; he could barely breathe, his nose felt three sizes bigger, his muscles felt heavy, his throat hurt almost as much as his head and even though he was buried in covers he was shivering violently. Worst of all, he was sure he had very important idol things to do all day even though clearly he wasn’t in any shape to get up to go farther than the bathroom. He licked his lips tiredly and noticed they where chapped ad dry, Ryeowook sighed deciding it was time to risk getting up for a glass of water and a box of tissues, maybe someone would pity him and he would be able to curl in bed and be miserable at home.

His feet touched the wooden floor and he winced deciding that a pair of socks was a good idea before going to the kitchen or the bathroom, his movements where slow and felt heavy and almost painful, by the moment he reached the kitchen his head was pounding and the only thing he wanted to do was to go back to his bed. He decided to call one of the manager and maybe Jungsu so they find an excuse for his absence from whatever he had to do, he was sure he looked really unattractive anyway, definitely no TV material.

He drank a glass of water avidly trying to relieve the pain from his throat when a voice almost gives him a heart attack.

“Should you be up?” When Ryeowook recovered from the fright he turned to look at Donghae who was looking kind of worried.

“What are you doing here, hyung?” his voice sounded horrible, he drank another glass of water before continuing “I thought we all had a full schedule today.”

Donghae shrugged, he was wearing some horrible clothes that Ryeowook was sure the other owned since he was sixteen. “We decided I should stay to take care of you, you were burning up earlier when we tried to wake you up, which was really weird because you barely oversleep, we decided to let you rest for the day and I offered to take care of you since I didn’t have a lot to do.” Donghae smiled disarmingly and Ryeowook couldn’t help smiling back.

“This is a terrible idea, you know, I’m too sick to cook anything so you will have to feed us both, and I know for a fact that you’re a terrible cook” Donghae pouted a little at the insult.

“I’ll order some takeout,” replied Donghae while walking towards the kitchen “and I can at least make you some warm tea with honey and lemon, now off with you, you need to rest.”

Ryeowook couldn’t help a silly smile to appear on his face while Donghae pushed him towards the bedroom.

“Hyung, I’m bored,” Said Ryeowook for the tenth time that afternoon “I’m tired of sleeping and being here, you’re not even keeping me company.”

Donghae looked at him before sighing loudly making Ryeowook smile; he won “OK, let’s go to the living room, I’ll take some covers, but please, please don’t sneeze on me.”

“That’s disgusting, I’m one of the nice ones, you know?” he replied slightly offended while getting up from the bed, he found that after plenty of liquid, some warm food and plenty of sleep, he was feeling slightly better; the fever was gone and the headache could almost be ignored, the other symptoms where more resilient but at least he didn’t feel like death, the company was also nice he mused with a small smile.

When they finally settled in the living room (and Donghae forced another tea on Ryeowook), they were silent for a while, Donghae was watching a movie while Ryeowook watched Donghae.

“You’re too far away” he declared after a few minutes of staring and ignoring “I’m not that contagious, you know.” Donghae looked startled at Ryeowook before smiling amused.

“I know.”


“I like it when you beg.” He declared while sitting next to Ryeowook, and apparently deciding to cuddle him to death, after a few seconds of comfortable silence Ryeowook looked up at Donghae and gave him a small peck on the lips. “I honestly hope that wasn’t my thanks.” He said while cuddling Ryeowook closer to his body.

“I’ll cook you something nice” said Ryeowook with wide eyes and fake innocence, Donghae raised an eyebrow and pinched the other’s hip making him yelp.

“You know what I mean.”

“I do” replied Ryeowook with a sly smile and a kiss on Dongae’s cheek “I just like it when you beg.”

Tags: donghae, haewook, oneshot, ryeowook, super junior

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