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Hey guys, I live, which maybe aren't as great news as you could think: 

I'm not abandoning anything, I don't want to at least, I worked really hard on all of these stories, but I have to say that things have changed, I'm kind of distant to this fandom and while I really love Super Junior I want to try my luck in other spaces of creation, yes it means I changed fandoms and want to write for them more than I want to try writing for Super Junior, it sounds kind of harsh but after spending almost three hours trying to write anything for here and not being able to while thinking of many ideas for other things I just had to admit that at least I need time. So this is me announcing an hiatus which I don't know how long will last, please don't pressure me because I simply wont bother in answering, I don't respond to pressure, please respect my time and I'll try to be back. 

Please believe that I'm sorry but I just don't want to give you a bad end to the stories you've given so much love all this time, be sure that I'll try my best to write and update, it will just take longer because this doesn't come as easily as before. 

I love you guys, and I'm again, really sorry. 

Tags: hiatus, this is kat hear me roar

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