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Crush-Eunwook AU

 Title: Crush
Pairing: Eunhyuk/Ryeowook (Eunwook)
Rating: PG
Summary: Ryeowook likes Hyukjae, on the first day of school Hyukjae arrives with some changes, shock and jealousy ensues. 
Warnings: Crack, swearing, Ryeowook cursing his fate, general boyish idiocy.
Beta: The magic in my fairytale wookism 

A/N; In my ongoing attempt to write every possible combination of Eunhyuk with the rest of super junior this was born, also, because my beautiful beta is Wook biased, and this is totally because of her and her amazing capacity to manage to make me write fic for her. SO THERE YOU GO ANA,
This is the first fic at the community, I'll move the rest of my works eventually :3



There were a bunch of things that Kim Ryeowook liked.

Some he could admit without problem, like his love for music and mystery novels.

Others he would only admit to his close friends and family, like his love for cooking (which admitting to his friends was a really bad idea when Youngwoon started laughing for ten minutes straight, and Sungmin gave him a sweet smile that inexplicably led to Ryeowook bringing the other sweet treats every week), and his fixation with very corny and lame dramas that made him hurry home after school every Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The last category in Ryeowook’s likes were those he wasn’t yet willing to share.

Lee Hyukjae apparently managed to keep his position in there since forever
Hyukjae, with his dumb smile, his clumsiness, his tendency to throw lame puns from time to time that made everyone in the room burst into hysteric laughter, his mad dance skills, his love for Japanese comics and adorable shyness.

And that stupid red hair.

At the beginning Ryeowook was OK with his little crush. It wasn’t the first time he liked another guy and he suspected it wasn’t going to be the last. It also was OK because no one noticed Hyukjae. He was just the awkward looking kid that was friends with everyone but nothing beyond that. Ryeowook liked to think that he was the only one that could see what was charming in the other.

Until the hair. The hair sent everything to hell.

It was at the beginning of the year. Ryeowook was already in the classroom, where Sungmin left him because “you could get lost, or someone could stomp on your cute little body” before running away laughing like a madman before the younger could get a hold of Sungmin’s neck to give him a very slow and painful death.

He wasn’t that short, thank you very much.

Donghae was already in the classroom and waved at Ryeowook who chuckled. Donghae was like a puppy, it wasn’t hard to imagine the tail waggling happily at everyone he could greet.

“Wookie! Hi! Long time no see!”

“Donghae,” said Ryeowook smiling gently at the other. He wondered briefly where did all Donghae’s energy came from, because it was freaking seven in the morning, half the class already fainted on the desk. “How are you?”

Donghae’s smile got even bigger.

“I’m waiting for an explosion.”


Before Ryeowook could end his question he heard some whispers, giggling and even some cat calls, he wondered what was all that about.

And then he saw.

“Lee Donghae, you asshole, I should castrate you in your sleep next time you stay in my house.”

“There it is,” said Donghae in a whisper to Ryeowook, “Aw Hyukkie, don’t get mad at me.”  

“You stole my hat!”

“You shouldn’t use that stupid hat!”

“You stole my hat and threw it in the river! What the hell is wrong with you?”

“I was being a good friend, of course.”

“Good friends don’t throw their friends’ hats in rivers, you stupid jerk!”

“But you look good, Hyukkie. You shouldn’t hide your hair in that thing.”

“It has nothing to do with my hair, Donghae, you owe me a hat.”

“It was a favor! Wookie, don’t you think Hyukkie looks good?”

Some part of Ryeowook pointed out that no, Hyukjae didn’t look good, he looked amazing; his hair was slightly curlier and rebellious, and the color, oh God, the color.

“…It’s red…” Ryeowook slapped himself mentally. Hyukjae looked at him for a long time and then sighed loudly.

“Is it that bad? It was mostly a favor; I’m getting my old color next week.”

“NO!” Ryeowook was shocked to hear himself say that “…I… I mean, it looks good, what’s the hurry?”

“See? I told you! It looks good.” said Donghae ignoring Ryeowook’s hysteric outburst “your best friend is never wrong, Hyukjae.”

Before Hyukjae could retort, probably by throwing Donghae out the window, their teacher finally got to the classroom.

Ryeowook decided that it would be a very long class with Hyukjae sitting just in front of him.


It took exactly fifteen minutes (not that Ryeowook counted) for Hyukjae to become the focus of attention of most of the female population at school and some of the male too.

Donghae was apparently ecstatic over the result.

Hyukjae looked mortified.

Ryeowook was livid.

“So I heard your new hair made you the school’s new sex bomb?”

“Bite me.”

“Oh I think half of the school would do that happily.”

“Oh, come on Kyu, don’t be mean with Hyukjae; let me have some fun too.”

Ryeowook looked with some sort of pity at how Hyukjae was endlessly mocked by their mutual friends; not that they were being mean, it was just how they usually behaved. Ryeowook liked to participate too.

When it wasn’t Hyukjae they were mocking, of course.

“So Jungsoo and Heechul-hyung convinced you to do that?” asked Sungmin after a few more minutes of teasing and mocking.

Hyukjae nodded, “Well, it was more like a favor towards their sisters. I couldn’t say no, they now I can’t say no to them. I need new hyungs.”

“But Donghae’s right, you look really good,” said Sungmin while smiling sweetly.

“I’m just not used… to… the looks,” said Hyukjae quietly.

“Aren’t you the cutest idiot ever, Lee Hyukjae?”

Hyukjae just stared angrily at everyone while they laughed.


“So let me get this straight. You have a crush on Hyukjae from long ago and now you feel like confessing to me because the hair incident is driving you mad from jealousy and you need my wise advice to see how you can handle this hilarious situation?”

“Kyuhyun, if I wanted some relationship advices, you would be the last one I would go to. You were just the logical choice to tell my secret.”  

“And that’s because…”

“You are too much of an asshole to know you will have much more fun by not telling anyone.”

“You wound me, but you’re right. Now tell me, what are you going to do?”

“Die in an endless pit of sorrow?”

“You really need to stop watching those stupid dramas.”

“And you need to shut up, but we can’t be perfect.”

“You know, Hyukjae-hyung thinks you’re so innocent and sweet…”

“He does?”

“Hell no,” Ryeowook frowned, “That’s what you get when you share friends with your crush.”

Kyuhyun was a bastard, Ryeowook knew that, but he also knew that there wasn’t anyone else that he could share his secret with; Sungmin, Donghae, Yongwoon and the others were likely to tell Hyukjae, and Ryeowook wasn’t willing to screw a very nice friendship.

“You should tell him, you know, he’s a nice guy. He wouldn’t hurt you even if he didn’t like you like that.”

“I know he’s a nice guy,” said Ryeowook sighing loudly, “but I’m not ready to tell one of my friends I like him and fuck our relationship forever.”

“You like one of your friends?”

Oh shit.


“Oh! Hyukjae-hyung,” Kyuhyun said suddenly nervous, “we were…uh, rehearsing for auditions for the drama club, we have to make some dialogue too…”

“Kyuhyun,” Hyukjae interrupted “you know that Donghae is in drama club, right? I would know if there were auditions, you horrible, horrible liar.”

Kyuhyun looked at Ryeowook apologetically I tried he said with his eyes. It’s OK responded the other.

They kept quiet for a while, Kyuhyun probably didn’t know what else to say, Ryeowook was panicking. And Hyukjae was just calmly looking at both of them.

“You should go now, Kyu.”


“You,” and Hyukjae pointed at Kyuhyun, “should go now.”

Ryeowook nodded at Kyuhyun who disappeared quickly on the general direction of the library.

“So…” started Hyukjae slowly, “You like one of your friends?”


“Come with me. I really don’t know why Kyuhyun and you like to gossip at the music room. It’s almost like you guys wanted me to listen, considering that I dance just in front of this room.”

Oh Kyuhyun was so fucking dead.

“I just came to practice, so I couldn’t listen to it all but Donghae’s on his way, so we better go.”

Ryeowook was too shocked to try to reply.

He could imagine Kyuhyun’s smug smile at that exact moment.

Hyukjae led the way towards the roof of the school and really could it get more cliché?
The wind at least helped to calm a little of Ryeowook’s nerves; the fact that Hyukjae looked positively gorgeous with his hair moving with the wind didn’t help with his focus.

“Hyuk… I… uh…”

“Is it Donghae?”


“Well,” There Hyukjae blushed a cute tint of red that would make Ryeowook melt if wasn’t for the sheer stupidity of the accusation. “I have noticed you watching Donghae, and well, I was thinking that maybe you had a thing for him, because everyone loves him…”

Oh that was it.

That was fucking it.

“Of course I watch Donghae a lot. You’re fucking attached to him all the time, you idiot. I have to watch him to watch you. Jeez why is everyone so stupid in here?”

“Uh… what?”

“Donghae and his stupid idea to steal your hat, the hyungs and their stupid plot to change your hair, Sungmin and his stupid fixation to cuddle you, Kyuhyun and… don’t let me talk about Kyuhyun or I will search for him and murder him, and you, you and your… ugh I hate you.”

Well, his plan to not tell Hyukjae (or anyone else, for that matter) went very much to hell.

They kept silent for a while, Ryeowook trying to calm down his temper, and Hyukjae… well, he had no idea why Hyukjae was so quiet.

“So what you’re trying to say is that the friend you like is me, right?”


“You’re not usually that stupid Hyukjae, you know that was what I meant.”

“This is a delicate matter! I needed some sort of confirmation.”

Ryeowook looked up and saw how a huge smile made his way on the other’s face.

“Are you going to kill me?”

“What? No, well, maybe if you said you liked Donghae instead of me I would have to kill someone, not you of course. Donghae probably, maybe Kyuhyun for saying that I had a chance, but no you.”

“My head hurts,” muttered Ryeowook.

“Oh sorry, I tend to do that to people.”

“I can tell. So you’re saying that you like me, and I like you, and I’ve been suffering of unrequited love for no reason, yes?”

“Pretty much.”

“And the hair…”

“Oh it has nothing to do with it; I actually thought you hated it until Kyuhyun told me that maybe all those angry looks you threw at me and at people around were for another reason.”

“I do hate the hair, Hyukjae.”

 “Oh you do?” and that was a wicked smile only Hyukjae could come up with.

“I was a very controlled person before that hair, look how it made me end up.”

“You should love the hair then, Wookie.”

Now both were smiling, and standing really close from each other, Hyukjae’s hair, Ryeowook noticed, smelled like strawberries. 

“Are we going to kiss now or we’re supposed to keep up with the stupid flirting?”

Hyukjae laughed and Ryeowook decided he liked that sound a lot.

“Class is about to start, you know”

“Then only a short kiss, just to see if we like it.”

They never got to class that day.
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